We carried out a statutory consultation between 22 September and 18 December 2020. From this page, you can download the Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC) and the Section 47 and Section 48 notices that we are required to publish at the start of our statutory consultation.

The other documents set out more detail about the different individual elements of the proposed Sunnica Energy Farm.

Consultation Booklet
Consultation Questionnaire
Statement of Community Consultation
Statement of Community Consultation Summary Poster
PEI Report
Non-technical summary of PEI Report

Site Maps and Plans

Scheme Boundary Map
Consultation Scheme Boundary Changes
Parameters Plans – Sunnica East and West
Cable Route
Burwell Substation Extension Options
BESS Locations

Environmental Plans

Environmental Landscape Masterplan
Environmental Landscape Viewpoints Key Plan
Environmental Photomontages
Outline Landscape and Ecology Management Plan
Framework Construction and Environmental Management Plan
Construction Traffic Management Plan

Legal Notices

Section 47 Notice
Section 48 Notice