Responding to the Consultation

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We carried out a statutory consultation between 22 September and 18 December 2020.

You can access copies of the materials that we presented at the statutory consultation on this page and on the downloads page. You can download a digital copy of the consultation questionnaire using the link on the right hand side of this page. This can be returned to us by email or printed and returned to the Freepost address listed on the questionnaire.

Following the statutory consultation, we will have regard to the comments received and continue to develop our design for the proposed Sunnica Energy Farm ahead of submitting our DCO application to the Secretary of State. Our DCO application will include a Consultation Report setting out how we have had regard to the responses received.

Any comments received will be analysed by Sunnica Limited and any of its appointed agents. Copies may be made available in due course to the Secretary of State, the Planning Inspectorate, and other relevant statutory authorities so that feedback can be considered as part of the DCO process. We will request that any personal details are not placed on public record but will be held securely by Sunnica Limited and its agents in accordance with the data protection law and will be used solely in connection with the consultation process and subsequent DCO application and, except as noted above, will not be passed to third parties.

Statement of Community Consultation
Statement of Community Consultation Summary Poster
Consultation Questionnaire [word]
Consultation Booklet
Webinar Recordings

Webinar Recordings

You can view recordings of previous webinars at the links below:

• 18:00 on 01/10/20: Introducing the consultation

• 14:00 on 03/10/20: Sunnica East Site A and Site B

• 18:00 on 08/10/20: Sunnica West Site A and Site B

• 14:00 on 10/10/20: The grid connection

• 18:00 on 15/10/20: Environmental impact assessments (including landscape and biodiversity)

• 14:00 on 17/10/20: Construction and operations

• 14:00 on 24/10/20: Repeat of Introducing the consultation

• 18:00 on 29/10/20: Repeat of Sunnica East Site A and Site B

• 14:00 on 31/10/20: Repeat of Sunnica West Site A and Site B

• 18:00 on 05/11/20: Repeat of the grid connection

• 14:00 on 07/11/20: Repeat of Environmental impact assessments (including landscape and biodiversity)

• 18:00 on 12/11/20: Repeat of Construction and operations

• 19:00-20:00 on 18/11/20: Q&A session 1

• 19:00-20:00 on 25/11/20 Q&A session 2

• 19:00-20:00 on 2/12/20 Q&A session 3