Helping to deliver on a national need for sustainable energy

The Government believes that there is an overwhelming need for the UK to increase its use of renewable and clean energy to combat climate change and maintain security of electricity supply to the UK.

We agree.

Solar energy can play an important role in delivering this vision for current and future generations and is already doing so. Our energy policy in the UK is driven by:

  • Improving our energy security
  • Reducing our dependence on imported fossil fuels
  • Providing economic opportunities.

Our approach to producing solar energy is to employ the same sustainable principles as other stewards and farmers of the land before us. Only in our case we look to harness the light of the sun to create clean energy alongside food. We will do this with locally produced, low cost and clean power generation.

The case for Sunnica Energy Farm

There is an increasingly urgent need to find better, more sustainable ways to supply energy to heat our homes, run our businesses and travel around. Electrically powered cars, for example, provide an exciting opportunity to transform the environmental footprint of our travel.

The sustainable energy revolution will only arrive if there are sufficient renewable sources that are available on demand. The Committee on Climate Change reports that the UK’s emissions reductions are on track for a 43% reduction based on 1990 levels. However challenges lie ahead to keep to 80% reduction by 2050.

Current energy policy will see a gap in baseload electricity generation appear by the mid-2020’s with climate change obligations pushing the last of the coal-fired power stations offline, and the older less efficient larger gas plants are also likely to come offline. Despite the best efforts from the UK government electricity generation from nuclear appears unlikely as plants struggle to find financing.

At the same time advances in technology are changing the way electricity is managed and consumed – the combination of demand side management, storage, electric vehicles, energy efficiency is changing the traditional pattern of electricity generation and allowing new business models to come forward.

The UK has committed to sourcing 15% of its total energy from renewable sources by 2020 and new projects need to continue to come forward urgently to ensure that we meet this target.  Solar energy can play an important role in delivering this vision for current and future generations and is already doing so.

For that to happen, we need to produce renewable energy from a range of sources and we need to store the energy we produce in times of low demand, so that it can be called upon as the need increases.

Matching this specification is key to the design and layout of Sunnica Energy Farm.

Our proposals have the potential to deliver up to 500MW of clean electricity to the UK. We will do this by employing state of the art solar and energy storage technology and matching this with the latest battery technology that can release power to the grid when it is needed. By harnessing these two techniques there is no need to waste any of the sustainable energy we produce.

The solar energy industry is at the heart of the transition to a lower carbon economy. The UK Government is reviewing its long-term target to cut climate emissions. In recent reports large-scale solar projects  can be competitive with combined cycle gas turbines and offshore wind power in 2019 and beyond.