Environmental Impact

For the proposed Sunnica Energy Farm, we are required to carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of our proposals as part of the planning process.

The output from this assessment has informed the site design, mitigation proposals, and content of the statutory consultation.

As part of the EIA design process, we formally ‘scoped’ our approach with PINS and, on the 11 April 2019, we received its formal Scoping Opinion. This confirmed the scope of work that should be included in our EIA and should be reported in the Environmental Statement that will accompany our DCO application when submitted to the Secretary of State. In addition to this, we have considered the feedback we received through the non-statutory consultation and have continued to engage with local authorities and other regulatory bodies, such as Historic England and the Environment Agency, on our approach to the EIA.

We are now sharing the preliminary results of our assessments and our current mitigation proposals as part of this consultation. The results are presented in a document called the Preliminary Environmental Information Report (PEI Report). The PEI Report is available for you to view alongside a non-technical summary of its contents here.

You can also find out more about our findings in areas such as ecology, heritage and landscape and visual impacts that were raised during the last consultation by viewing our Virtual Exhibition or by reading our consultation booklet.

Following this statutory consultation, we will have regard to all feedback received and will finalise the Environmental Statement. This will be submitted in support of our DCO application and will set out the final outcomes of our assessments, as well as more information with regards to any proposed mitigation. During the statutory consultation process, we will continue to engage with other regulatory bodies.

Preliminary Environmental Information Report
Parameter Plans
Environmental Masterplan
Environmental Photomontages
Outline Landscape and Ecology Management Plan
Framework Construction and Environmental Management Plan